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Sheyenne Riverbend Farm is an American Treasure - one of those places that takes you on a journey back in memory to what we would like to remember most - family, home, community, faith and patriotism. We believe it is so important to bring families together in order to build lasting bonds between the generations -  but there are few places where families can gather in a wholesome, relaxed environment.  Riverbend Farm is dedicated to providing such a place.  Here, in the open countryside, with symbols of home, faith and community - the Farmhouse, the Chapel, Gazebo, the Event Center and the School House - families can gather and enjoy spending time remembering the past, healing old wounds and growing new memories for the future.  It is our prayer that you will be blessed by your visit to Riverbend Farm. Please visit our pages below! 

By Ashley Limesand

Three miles south of Valley City sits Sheyenne Riverbend Farm, a place that “takes you on a journey back in memory to what we would like to remember most - family, home,  community, faith, and patriotism.” The owners, Pastor Bob and his wife Marion Rieth, originally from the area but now living in Washington, bought the place in 1999. Bob remembers, “It was always the idea of having a place for our family to come back to, you know, our roots and our home.” He continued, “At that time we didn’t have any other idea of what we would do with it except that we would like to have it as a kind of retreat for family.” After time to ponder, the couple decided to make it more than just a place for their family, but a place for many families to relax together and enjoy. At the time of purchase the 65 acre lot had only the house and the garage. After cleaning up the yard, the couple began constructing the event center, soon after moved in an old school house from ten miles away, and lastly moved in a local historic church.

Riverbend Farm is working on developing a monarch butterfly habitat to encourage growth to the butterfly population.

All of the old, well maintained structures have been completely refurbished to maintain thehistoric feel and also boast living quarters for guests to stay in. There is also a small campground area, a gazebo, a monarch habitat, and bee hives for making honey butter, which they sell. The farm offers a free to use internet room, with computers and printers provided, yard games like frisbee golf, a scenic view, and all buildings are heated and air conditioned. Riverbend Farms, named because it is surrounded by the river, maintains a versatile and comfortable atmosphere for guests from the surrounding community to spend time as a family. Many weddings, family reunions, receptions, graduations, conferences, retreats, and other gatherings have been held here and Mary Lee Robinson, the manager of the property, is excited to work with any kind of group. The event center and chapel can seat 150 people, but Riverbend Farms has hosted weddings up to over 400 people. They also coordinate a Fall Festival with the Fort Ransom Annual Fall Festival so people can stop by on their way to and from Fort Ransom. They are known for their Nana’s Honey Butter  which can be purchased on the Riverbend Farms website. Pricing for renting the space may vary depending on whether or not you wish to rent the entire space or just a portion of it. For more information contact Robinson at 845-1377 or 701-840-0194.

Be sure to join us for our 2017 Annual Fall Festival at Sheyenne Riverbend Farm
September 23rd 9:00-6:00 and September 24th 9:00-4:00
3 miles South of exit 292 Valley City
Entertainment, Exhibits and Homemade German Cooking
We look forward to seeing you there!




CHAPEL - Weddings, Programs, Services
This 1906 chapel has been beautifully restored to preserve the  faith and reverence of the founding pioneers  when they formed the congregation in the late 1880's.This is the perfect spot for your marriage ceremony and reception.

We offer our lovely chapel for indoor weddings and our gazebo for ourdoor weddings. Testimonial


 EVENT CENTER - Receptions, Reunions, Meetings, Banquets, Parties
Enjoy a wonderful time in the clean and beautiful reception hall. Such a versatile space for your quilting, scrapbooking, you-name-it. Includes a modern commercial kitchen and serving counter.


 GUEST INN - Comfortable family-friendly lodging for up to eight guests
You will enjoy the flavor of this old country farm house, first built in the 1880's and added on to as the family grew.  The last remodeling was done in the 1950's so you can feel the presence of those who have lived here before.  Make yourself at home!


 SCHOOL CABIN - Re-live the past in this historic one-room schoolhouse.
This 'school turned cabin' provides comfortable lodging for two or three guests, right in the midst of the furnishings and books of the original schoolroom.  Hunters welcome, includes a space for your dogs.


 RV PARK - Small area for self-contained recreational vehicles.
We have a few spots nestled in the trees for an unforgettable retreat for your RV stay.  
Reserve your space early. 


 PICNIC AREAS - Beautiful park areas, picnic tables, grills, fire pit.
Riverbend Farm is 65 acres of country pleasure.  The Sheyenne River wraps around three sides of the property which features acres of hay fields and trees. Step back in time and unwind.

Pastor Bob and Marion Rieth, owners

Come, visit Riverbend Farm and enjoy a piece of the past.
Member of the Valley City Chamber of Commerce

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