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Honey Butter Reviews

"I don't even like honey, never have, but I LOVE Nana's Honey Butter!"

- D Shelton, Seattle

"Oh my goodness, how can I order more?"
 - D Phillips, Los Angeles

"Mom, I like this on anything!"
- C Shelton (age 16), Seattle

...and from some 1st - 3rd grade students from Maple Valley Elementary School:

"I enjoyed the honey butter very much.  I think my favorite flavor is raspberry.  I would say that the honey butter is 100% good."
- Levi

"The honey butter was so good, I could buy 200!  I know that the bees are working hard.  Thank you."  
- Logan

"I liked the plain honey butter because it was very sweet.  I even liked teh smell of it before I tasted it."
- Keira 

"The honey butter was delicious. I wish I could have had more."
- Ethan

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